Career Challenges

I’d always wanted to be a nurse. I met some nursing students from Baptist Hospital in Little Rock at a church camp one summer, and knew that was the school I wanted to attend. The year I graduated from high school, I was accepted into their nursing program–almost. There was only the final interview, and a required exam from an Ophthalmologist since I wore glasses.

After the Ophthalmologist sent his report, and before I could go for the final interview, I received a notice from Baptist Hospital that I wouldn’t be accepted in their program after all because of the severity of my eye condition. I was devastated. I knew my eyes were not bad enough to keep me from my dream, and I determined to find a way to make it come true. Classes were almost full by now, but I hurriedly applied to two other nursing programs which did not require an eye exam, and I was accepted at both!

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