20/20 vision and all is well

Tortoise looks you in the face

A few years ago, at my insistence that I must have something to help me read longer, an Ophthalmologist made prism glasses for me. But instead of the lightweight prism glasses I remembered from my childhood, these were Coke bottle thick and very heavy. They were uncomfortable and I didn’t feel they helped much so I never used them.

Mostly, though, I just heard words like, “Your vision is 20/20, we can’t do any better than that!”

So, I surmised, my inability to read very long must not be related to my eyes. After all, my glasses corrected my vision to 20/20. The problem must be my mind.

I’ve got to do better, I thought. I’ve got to get a handle on this. If I just try harder, I can read longer. I would find myself reading the same page over and over. Each time I caught myself doing this, I would chide myself. You’ve got to pay attention. Stop letting your mind goof off.

Now I know that it was not an inability to pay attention. The problem was that it took all my energy just to keep my eyes focused on the words.

See this excellent item from The College of Optometrists in Vision Development:

The Myth of 20/20

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