Is this all in my mind?

Oh, man, I’m not going to make it! How often those words came to my mind during 2004. I’d try to relax and read a magazine, or work on my websites, and I just couldn’t stick with it.

I went from one project to another. I don’t know what is wrong, but I do know that if I don’t get help soon, something is going to break! I’d think. In a way, I looked forward to the day when things would break. At least then we will know what the problem is, and I can get help!

Could it be possible that my eyes really are the culprit? I wondered. But, no, that can’t be. I just got new glasses last year, and my vision with them is 20/20.

So it must be my mind, I thought! My mother was suffering with end-stage Alzheimer’s disease and the disease runs in my family. I decided to see a doctor. My doctor though it may be Alzheimer’s also, and he put me on Alzheimer’s medicine to see if it would help. (It didn’t.) I was scheduled for psychological tests to determine if the problem could be Alzheimer’s, or Adult Attention Deficit Disorder, or a Learning Disability.

But during the interval before I could be tested, I realized that after I spent just a few minutes with a magazine or at the computer I could barely see. It was becoming obvious that my problem was, at least in part, my eyes.

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