Strabismus surgery or vision therapy?

In January I saw the doctor who would do my Strabismus Surgery. It took several months to get the surgery arranged. Meanwhile I heard about another option: Vision Therapy. Here are some links that provide the scoop on the two options:

Strabismus Surgery
Strabismus surgery (also called eye muscle surgery) is usually done by an Ophthalmologist who specializes in this type of surgery. EntMDLink provides an excellent consumer presentation of strabismus surgery. See:
Strabismus Surgery

Vision Therapy
Vision therapy (also called orthoptic therapy) is usually done under the supervision of a Behavioral Optometrist. COVD offers this introduction:
What is Vision Therapy

These usually represent two different schools of thought. But I could see benefit in both. While I was waiting to get my surgery scheduled, I began doing vision therapy. I’ve benefited from both.

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