Audible books: The fun way to read!

Open book with reading glasses on top
“I want to tell you about this wonderful book I’m reading. It’s a big book, and I am half way through. I’m reading it with my ears! I joined an audio book club. I am so excited about it!” That’s what I wrote to some friends a few weeks ago after I discovered audible books.

I “read” that book in just a couple days. Before, a book might be so interesting I could hardly put it down, but I’d have to because my eyes would no longer stay focused on it.

Not so with the audio books. I don’t miss a beat! It’s been years since I’ve been able to read well enough to have that feeling of not being able to put a book down!

The really cool part is that I can read while cooking, cleaning, or exercising. Try reading a regular book while making the bed or going for a brisk afternoon walk!

The readers all have good voices and they make the books come to life. I can listen to excerpts of the books online, and choose the ones I like. Some of them have animations, for example travel books take you right to the harbor and you can hear the fog horn in the distance, or to the metropolis where you can actually hear conversations with the locals. Pretty cool stuff.

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