Take charge of your strabismus!

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Which perspective is the right one? Don’t overlook the most important perspective! Medical professionals can get an objective picture of your eyes and vision, but you are the only one who can provide a subjective picture of what and how you see.

I taught a class in a physician’s office a few years ago. Always I would ask those attending, “Who is the most important person on your medical team?” Almost without exception the answer would be, “My doctor.” While certainly the doctor is an extremely important person on the team, and one whose advice should never be taken lightly, the appropriate answer for the course I taught was not the doctor, but YOU!

That’s right, YOU are the most important person on your health care team. You owe it to yourself to find the best doctors you can to care for your vision, and to get thoughts from the different perspectives available. But in the end, only you can combine this information with the picture your eyes see, the way they feel, and the way this picture changes as the years go by.

One of your most important responsibilities as the person in charge is to make the most informed choice you can about your care or that of your child, and the physician you trust to administer it. It may be that you will choose both surgery and vision therapy, as I did. Once you’ve made your choice, follow the advice of your doctor(s) as closely as possible. A physician can make recommendations, but only you can practice the self-control needed to make these recommendations work. You deserve the best. Take charge of your strabismus!

(Disclaimer: The references to my medical background are only to provide a generalized perspective of the medical field. In no way is this meant to imply professional expertise or advice in the field of vision care.)

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