We’re going to get there!

In my June 22 post, I shared my struggle of trying to figure out why I couldn’t focus my attention on reading or close work. I often felt, “I’m not going to make it!” I knew something was wrong, I just didn’t know how to fix it.

Realizing the problem was my eyes was a turning point for me. Since then, I’ve had both surgery and vision therapy. I am still doing vision therapy at home, and will probably have another surgery later this year. I’m a long way from where I want to be, but I’m headed in the right direction!

Being headed in the right direction doesn’t just involve our physical health, though. It involves our spiritual health too.

We are all desperate to be sure we are making the right choices that impact our future. Many people consult their horoscopes every day, and plan accordingly. However, I have found that God actually wants to help me get on track, and help me see the way I should be going. My problem – our problem – is not understanding his direction, and how to find it.

The Christian Bible* says, “All of us have strayed away like sheep. We have left God’s paths to follow our own. Yet the LORD laid on him [Jesus] the guilt and sins of us all.”

When my eyes strayed, I knew something was wrong. But there was a time when my whole life seemed strayed. I knew something was missing in my life, I just couldn’t figure out what. Then someone explained that we are all going the wrong direction until we turn from our own paths and ask God to direct our lives. Getting headed in the right direction spiritually gave me hope and safety forever.

I find that I still struggle to stay on the right paths. Just as my eyes drift outward at times, so my mind drifts outward too. I don’t always do what is right. But by reading the Christian Bible, I learn what the right paths are, and I ask God to help me get back on them. It’s like having a best friend I can always turn to. I feel so much better when both my eyes and my spirit are focused in the right direction.

Now I no longer have a dread that “I’m not going to make it,” Instead I know that with God’s help and that of my doctors, “We’re going to get there!”

*Isaiah 53:6, New Living Translation

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  1. lois hi this is my first time talking to someone that might be going through the same situations as I .Ive been waiting to talk to someone I use to ask god why me it got so badI lashed out at my family I though they were lucky they could be any thing they wanted to be ,I wanted to finish school go to college I wanted to play football bot was allways to ashamed afraid of what people might say I surely thought I was good enough my younger brother played forNotra Dame I was happy for him but knew I could have made it.Ive had jobs but just enough to get by its allways ajob I really did;nt want but had to take I just feel stuck at times.Most of the timeI turn to alchol and drugs just to get up the courage to fit in with other people. About three years ago I had a injury to my right eye which caused me to have an cornea transplant which caused me to have one blue and one brown crossed eye so I really could not believe this now I really thought people were looking at me strange now but then I found out about strabismus surgery so I had that done to me its still hard for me to believe my eyes might be strait I,m still scared to look people in the face but with the injury one eye is smaller plus sensitive to light so I have to squint in any kind of light just my luck I found out about the surgery after the injury so ofcourse now I want to get that corrected I have so much to talk about but what about you/

  2. Hi, Larry, thanks for writing. There are times, especially now more than when I was younger, that I feel sad because I cannot do the things others do. My vision has bothered me more than my appearance. Sometimes I don’t understand why God has allowed this to happen now. There is so much I’ve had to give up, so much I could still do if I could just see better.

    So we have two choices, Larry. We can either let us get it down about what we can’t do, or we can get in there and give it our best shot with what we can do. Your situation is appearance, mine is vision, but the same principle will work for both of us.

    Quarterback Matt Leinart also has strabismus, he has had two surgeries. I’ve been meaning to put some stuff about him on the site. I’ve had the links a long time, just reading through all of it and writing something up has slowed me down. If only I could see better… but I think the peace I have found is that I can see well enough to do all I am supposed to do right now. As I shared in the item above, God has made a difference in my life. I can share some other links to places on my websites that can tell you more about that if you are interested.

    Here’s a link about Matt Leinart:

    God has something special for you too. There is fulfillment in life for you, I promise. Don’t give up.

  3. To Larry, I read your story and I can relate. I had strabismus since the age of about 3-4 yrs. old.I was poked at and made fun of by family members(cousins) not by outhe neighborhood kids, we lived in poor neighborhoods and everybody there had problems. I had a dad who was sorry I was born and shunned me and I think it was because of the strabismus. I had a rough life, my mama died on my birthday, my baby brother commited suicide two days after my mamas birthday. I turned to drugs, booze and crime and I think my strabismus had a lot to do with this, I just wanted to be noticed and be somebody and it was the wrong way to go. Then in 1983 I got born again and then I realized that I am somebody, I have a father who loves me and not enbarrased of me. I say you are special to God and me my friendand with God’s help and your faith you can be anything!! I became a preacher and it gets hard when I have to face a lot of people and preach but I just tell God I know he called me, so preace at my best. I’m an evangelist and There is this one churce that I preach every two weeks and we have a good time. My friend when people poke or fun at you (if anyone does) they have strabismus of the heart and we need to pray for them.I don’t have vision problems , just appearance is what bothers me. I plan on having it fixed this yr. Keep your head up and focus on Jesus and you will be alright. I used to feel sorry for myself untill I saw a blind man with no legs, Then I realized how Blessed I am. God Bless . Rev. James

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