Ctrl-scroll makes a big difference!

Until a few months ago, when a friend shared this tip with me, I didn’t know about ctrl-scroll. Yes, it’s been around for awhile. But, for those for those of us who have difficulty reading, it’s easy to overlook.

Ctrl-scroll is a simple tool that will help you read more easily. You’ll need a mouse with a scroll wheel, that is all.

There are two ctrl keys on a standard keyboard, one at each lower corner. Select whichever one is easier for you to press while using the mouse with the other hand. While pressing the ctrl key, click on a website and begin to move the scroll wheel.

You’ll see the print get larger or smaller as you continue to move the scroll wheel while holding the ctrl key down. As you make the print larger, what was almost impossible to read before is much easier to read now!

This works well in FireFox and in some Internet Explorer pages. It will work in almost all IE pages if you change one setting. In IE, go to Tools/Internet Options, and click the “Accessibility” button in the lower right corner. Under “Formatting,” be sure “Ignore font sizes specified on Web pages” is checked. Click “OK” to save. That’s it!

Ctrl-scroll will work on many Windows programs as well. If you use a computer a lot, you’ll be amazed at how much better ctrl-scroll makes your life!

See followup added September 7:
Making fonts accessible

6 thoughts on “Ctrl-scroll makes a big difference!”

  1. In firefox, if you don’t have a scroll wheel on your mouse, the pressing “ctrl” and “+” together will make the text bigger, and “ctrl” and “-” makes it smaller.

  2. Wow, I didn’t know that. I tried it and you are absolutely right. Doesn’t work in IE, but that is nothing unusual. Thanks for the tip!

  3. holy mo. I didn’t know that….BUT, I’ve changed the internet font size on my computer several times by accident, and could never figure out how to change it back. Thank you!

  4. Is it possible to turn this feature off. It effects web layout alot. For example, on this site, if you scroll in so the text is at max size, the right frame gets tottaly messed up with the forum posts.


  5. I don’t know of a way to turn it off, but there may be. Mouse software sometimes provides options to use the wheels and buttons for various things other than standard. Be sure to read the “Making Fonts Accessible” link above also. With some sites, you may need to uncheck the option to ignore fonts specified on web pages.

    I realize this site and many others become our of proportion if you scroll too large. But those with vision difficulty can enlarge the sidebar if needed, then scroll it back down to read the posts. Posts are intentionally written in a larger font than the sidebar. I can’t see that there would be an advantage to turning it off, I guess just don’t use it except when needed.

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