We’re different!

Yes, you are at the right place. We are different. If you tire of reading all the technical stuff which follows, do skip down to the star (*blockquote at bottom) for another twist on our differences.

We’ve just moved from Blogger to WordPress. We look different because Blogger templates don’t work with WordPress, so I had to select a different one. We’re not only different, though. We’re better.

No offense to Blogger, they have been great. Blogger (blogger.com) has provided free hosting and web-based software for Eyes Apart since we started. I really appreciate them!

But with WordPress (wordpress.org), we have some advantages:

WordPress is free open-source software that can be installed on my own website, and this gives me more control.

WordPress offers Categories so every post can be organized into topics as they are published, with very little effort on my part. Items can be placed in more than one topic. Check out the Category list in the sidebar to see how I’ve organized the previous posts. (Yes, I was able to move them from Blogger to WordPress). Each post shows what topics it is filed under as well.

WordPress also provides a way to make pages that are not published in the blog, but rather linked for information. See “About” in the “Pages” section of the sidebar.

WordPress has lots of plugins to simplify, manage, and make things fun. For example, with WordPress I’ve added a plugin to update Meta Tags as each individual post is published to make it easier for search engines to find us. Blogger did not allow for that. I can even go back and edit them into the posts I moved from Blogger, using the web-based WordPress interface.

WordPress allows me to post ahead and it will send the item through at whatever time I specify. I’m thinking this will be especially good if I have another eye surgery later this year as we’ve been planning.

That’s just part of what makes WordPress easier for us to use. I hope you enjoy the new version of Eyes Apart!

*We’re different in other ways too. Our eyes are turned. Perhaps some feel that makes us worse, inferior. But if we allow it, it can make us better. We have to learn how to allow that, though. It doesn’t come easily or naturally.

Just as I still have some kinks to work out in our new format here, we will have glitches in our own lives as well. But as we work through them, we learn and are better prepared to meet the challenge next time.

I’m planning to write items in the upcoming weeks to help us feel better about who we are, and to help us let the struggles we face bring out our best. This item, and the one to follow which explains the featured photo, share just a hint of that.

WordPress rocks, and we Tropes are Good Eggs too!

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