‘Mission to Mante’ blog

I found this interesting blog that shares stories of a medical mission from Boulder Community Hospital in Boulder, Colorado, to Mante, Mexico. In blog fashion, the latest item is the first you will see, thus the blog starts with the last day of the trip. That item is written by Dr. Howard Freedman, a retired doctor from Naples, Fla. who worked in pediatric ophthalmology during the mission.

On the first page you’ll see, he shares the before and after surgery photos of “a child with a partial third nerve palsy whose right eye has been elevating for years.” He also shares an story of a girl with esotropia that received corrective surgery.

There are other medical stories also, such as ovarian cysts and broken arms, but there is a lot about the eye team throughout the blog. I wasn’t able to read much of it, but though those who can may find it interesting.

The Daily Camera: Mission to Mante

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