Strabismus help for those who are older

I often hear people say they’ve been told there is no help for them since they have passed a certain age.

The October 2004 issue of JAAPOS (Journal of American Association for Pediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus) reports on a study of 59 adults aged 16 to 80 who had potential for improvement in binocular vision after corrective surgery for strabismus. The conclusion is that 51% showed improvement in binocularity (ability to see 3-D). You should be able to find this story on PubMed by searching for ‘Binocularity following surgical correction of strabismus in adults.’ You will have to set up a login to access the item.

Emory University reported the following on April 11, 2005: A clinical trial conducted at Emory and 48 other eye centers show that many children aged seven through 17 with amblyopia (lazy eye) may benefit from treatments that are more commonly used on younger children. Treatment focus leaned more toward vision therapy techniques such as glasses, patching, and near vision activities. See the full story, “National Study Shows Older Children Can Benefit from Treatments for Common Eye Disorder” here.

The results are usually better for those who receive strabismus treatment when they are young. If your child has strabismus, don’t put it off. But if you are living with eyes apart, don’t let anyone tell you that you are too old to be helped. Talk with a Behavioral Optometrist and a Strabismus Surgeon to see what options are available. You’ll find links on the sidebar under organizations to help you get started. The results may surprise you!

2 thoughts on “Strabismus help for those who are older”

  1. My vision therapist’s mentor just helped a 95 year old woman with her strabismus. When asked why she waited so long she said she never knew she had it “Well! No one ever told me!”

    She then went back to school and got her diploma. It’s never too late, I guess.

    However, living with Strabismus myself, if my son ever showed the tiniest indication that he has this I would bring him to a vision therapist that WEEK. My therapist sees dozens of kids per month and he says it’s a hundred times easier to get their brains and eyes to work like they’re supposed to because they haven’t had the bad habits very long.

    I’m 25 and since my eyes and brain have been doing the wrong thing for so long it’s hard getting them to cooperate. Recovery has been very slow (and sometimes painful) but we’re getting there!

    If your kids have Strabismus, please don’t put them through the years of ridicule, headaches, and frustration that come with this. Many kids are branded dumb or hopeless because they don’t do good at school. They probably have a hard time focusing on anything! Get them help! IMMEDIATELY!

  2. 95 years old and helped with strabismus, then back to school for a diploma. Wow! But I agree with you that the sooner the better, and I bet she would agree also!

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