A network cable …er, brain circuit …is unplugged

A network cable is unpluggedI’ve seen an icon similar to this a lot lately, yet no cable was unplugged. My computer seemed to be continuously trying to connect to the net. If I managed to get connected it was only a short time before I was disconnected again. After switching cables around to confirm it was not a bad cable, I purchased a new router. My connection is better than ever now.

The little flashing icon reminded me of my eyes. My Behavioral Optometrist asked what my eyes see or feel like when I start struggling to read. I couldn’t tell her, so she wanted me to consciously pay attention during those times.

What I discovered is that at first I begin to focus with only one eye. The other eye sees something, but my brain turns it off similar to the way our ears turn off background noise when we are trying to hear something important. I switch back and forth between eyes until I can get them to focus together again. It’s a struggle to keep them together, and I start skimming through what I’m reading to try to get the high points. If it’s a long item, my eyes begin switching back and forth so rapidly that I can’t keep a focus at all. I see rapid images of focus /disconnect / focus / disconnect until I have to give up.

My Behavioral Optometrist has told me that our brain-eye connection is like a circuit that can sometimes loose connection. One of the goals of vision therapy is to repair the circuit.

If only a new router could be purchased for my brain! We’ve got new prescription prism glasses on order, and hopefully these will re-route the images my eyes see to the proper place so I can keep connected longer. We’ll also keep trying to repair the short-circuit between my brain and eyes.

4 thoughts on “A network cable …er, brain circuit …is unplugged”

  1. Hi, I just came accross your site. Thank you for sharing your experience with those of us
    who have to live with Strabismus like you. I also developed strabismus as an adult and have
    been living with it for 10 years. I did wear prisms, did some eye exercise and a 2 weeks ago
    I finally decided to the surgery. Have you done the surgery as well? has it work for you?
    how did thing go after 3 months?

  2. Hi, Nicholas. Thanks for writing.

    Sorry I’m so slow here. I have difficulty keeping up with everything. Several have asked me about my strabismus surgery, and I’m going to be sending a post about that in a day or two. Some things were helped with the surgery, some things are the same, and some seem a little worse.

    I do hope your surgery is a great success. Please keep us posted on how it goes.

  3. Dear Lois, I don’t know what is wrong with me but I am looking for information. I read numbers ( four diget series used for cattle id ) and mentaly process it and then look again and realize it is a completely different number. Huge problem in my life; like the tag reads 2198 and I see 3228 the first time and give her an injection only to look again as I cross her off the list and realize my mistake. Happened twice today in a set of 88 numbers. Has happened before. At first I thought it was I was being careless or simply in a hurry but I wasn’t either today and I was very careful after the first mistake only to do it again a few minutes later. any suggestions?

  4. Hi Mary,

    Could it be a form of dyslexia? I am just guessing. The Optometrist who worked with me in vision therapy works with people with all sorts of problems similar to what you describe. I’d suggest that you click “find vision therap dr” in the right menu of this website and look for a doctor in your area that may be able to evaluate and help you with this.


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