It’s all uphill from here!

Photo of mountains in Norway
Our current featured photo is from a boy in Norway. You can also click the photo for a larger view.

I chose the mountain photo especially for this story. We’ve started doing the line walk in my vision therapy sessions again. This time, though, I wear special glasses that make the ground appear to be on an incline. The lenses are rotated several times to change the slope of the incline. I totter on the brink of disaster as I try to walk the straight line, still to the beat of a metronome, pointing to the opposite toe, and counting out loud.

I stagger more than I walk it seems, and I’m not very accurate with my counting and pointing! My Behavioral Optometrist assures me I will learn to keep my balance along the perilous incline as we continue, though, and that this will improve my visual perception. So I’m determined to muster my courage and brave the treacherous slopes to reach the goal!

The uphill climb is not easy, but it’s a much better alternative to the downhill slide I was on so long. The air is fresher as I near the top. I may not make it to the pinnacles I seemed to manage so easily in years gone by. But I’ll climb as high as I can. I can’t wait to see the view when I get there!

Isn’t the mountain photo beautiful? It’s called “Pure Norway” and the photographer, Torvald, writes: “I’m a 15 year old boy from Norway. All since Christmas2004, when I first set a camera in my hands, I’ve been knippzing and knippzing non stop!”

I love it, Torvald! You keep on knippzing, because that is what you do so well! Others of us may have lost some of the zing we had when we were just 15. But we can still enjoy the beauty of nature, not only at home, but around the world, thanks to photographers like you!

Photo credit: Torvald Lekvam

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