Eyes Apart — how this blog began!

Boredom is something I’ve rarely experienced, so I didn’t know how to cope after my strabismus surgery in May. I longed to leaf through a magazine, if only to look at pictures. But during the surgery I had gotten what my doctors termed “an extremely large abrasion” on my left cornea. That, coupled with the double vision, swelling, and drainage from surgery made it difficult to see.

I can always find something to do, though! I loaded my CD player, propped up my feet and rested. I fixed myself a bowl of cereal, changed the CD’s, and rested. I put more drops in my eyes and more CD’s in the CD player and I rested. I turned on my computer and tried to see well enough to log in, then I rested. Hmmm… this is getting old, I thought!

Audio books! That’s what I need! Why didn’t I think of that before surgery? I could have been prepared! It took me almost all of one day to see well enough to log into google and find audible books. The next day I managed to sign up and actually download an audio book, and I was ecstatic. I could “read” a book from cover to cover again, something I’d not been able to do in years.

Before my surgery, I had told a group of friends that I wanted to do some sort of advocacy for people experiencing similar problems as mine. I’d hoped to be able to do a website. But as the weeks went by after surgery, I wondered if that dream would ever become real. Making a website is hard work, and my vision still was not good.

Then I spotted an audio book called “How to Start a Blog to Promote Your Business,” by Tom Antion. I’m not trying to start a business, I thought. But maybe a blog would be the answer.

Blogging is much easier than doing a traditional website. I downloaded Tom Antion’s book, and I was publishing in no time. This audio book by Tom Antion provided all the info I needed to get started.

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