Thanksgiving: Seeing beyond the brick wall

a city park in PolandFor those of us with vision difficulties, it is wonderful to know that Thanksgiving is not dependent upon vision. Thanksgiving is vision.

The story is told of an elderly man whose bed was by a window. The man’s bedridden roommate never tired of hearing him talk about the lovely park outside the window. He told of children playing, lovers holding hands, squirrels, birds, and a sparkling lake.

One day the man died, and his roommate asked to have his bed moved to the window. With great anticipation, the bereaved roommate looked outside the window, only to find that nothing could be seen there but a brick wall. He asked what had happened to the lovely park, and was told that the parted storyteller who had seen so much beauty was blind.

The roommate learned a wonderful truth that day. He discovered that we don’t have to have abundance and clear vision to be thankful. Rather our vision is clarified and we enjoy the abundance of contentment when we are thankful.

Photo credit: Anna W.

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