Prism glasses: I think it must be springtime!

Snow, trees, sunshine, and blue sky with cloudsAs I write this, there is snow on the ground. It’s two weeks before Christmas, with frigid temperatures outside. Yet I think it must be springtime!

At least that is the way the world looks to me. I’ve not been able to see things this sharply since several months before my strabismus surgery in May. That all changed this week!

My local Optometrist has been working diligently with me in Vision Therapy. A few weeks ago, she made prisms glasses to help me read and work at the computer. They only addressed the horizontal drift of my eyes, and were only for closeup work. They helped, but I still wasn’t able to see clearly.

The surgery was to correct a horizontal misalignment (exotropia). But since the surgery, I’ve seen things higher with one eye than the other (hypertropia), and my left eye sees things rotated (torsion). The surgeon had told me at my first post-op visit that my brain would adjust to this and the vertical misalignment would fuse together, but it hasn’t done that.

Now my local Optometrist has added prisms at the bottom of one lense and the top of the other to help my eyes “match up” better. These vertical prisms have done wonders for me. This is the world I remember, and I had almost given up on ever seeing it this well again!

I can tell at times that things are still off a little in my left eye due to the torsion, but it is so much better than it was! Plans now are to add these vertical prisms to the horizontal prism glasses she made for reading/computer work. I still can’t read for very long, but we’re hoping the vertical/horizontal prism combination in the reading glasses will do the trick.

My eyes still tend to drift and I will always have strabismus. But the world looks clearer, colors are brighter, and the sunshine is more beautiful with less glare. Today the sun was shining brightly, over the melting snow. Yet I drove around town doing errands without my sunglasses. I was able to actually enjoy the beautiful sunshine as I used to do, rather than squint and try to shield eyes from it. Christmas is almost here, but to me this was the prettiest spring day I’ve seen in a long time. God gave me what I wanted for Christmas this year, and totally unexpected!

Oh, and I just double-checked. Nope, these new glasses don’t have rose-colored lenses. It’s the real thing!

[Update 2/24/06: The effect from the vertical prism glasses lasted about a month. My vision therapist had told me that sometimes the eyes will adjust to prism glasses so they no longer help. I think that is where we are now. Wednesday we discussed wearing my old glasses without the vertical prisms for awhile to see if I can get the “buzz” back again when I return to the vertical prism glasses. I’m using the old ones now and I suppose I’ll try the vertical prism glasses again in a week or two.]

Photo credit: “Big Bear California after a snow filled night” by Tony Castellano

5 thoughts on “Prism glasses: I think it must be springtime!”

  1. I’m wondering what your status is now. Did you have any more experience with the prizm glasses. Do you think they helped in the long run? How are you getting along now? Have you any improvement in your double vision? Did it get worse? Did you try anything else to help? Thanks for any info on this. Donna

  2. Donna, I’m wearing prism glasses now. They, along with a bunch of other stuff have helped, but still am not able to focus to read very long at a time. You can read more of my story from the Lois’ Story link in the right sidebar, or if you just want to read from the date of the above post onward, click here:

    Scroll to the bottom of that page and you’ll see this story. Read each story from bottom to top then scroll back to bottom and click recent posts. Scroll back to the bottom of that page and read to the top.


  3. You’re welcome, Tony. Seems the link isn’t working not. I’ll email you for the correct one, then I’ll fix it.

    Glad you enjoyed the post. Checkup from my optometrist today, now I’m seeing through cataracts. Vision not bad enough for surgery yet, but eventually. Your photo is still an inspiration, though! Maybe someday I’ll see it clearly again 🙂

  4. Lois I am glad I was able to read your interesting experience. I just went to the eye doctor and was also diagnosed with double vision, exotropia and many other vision problems. I just picked up my prizm glasses. When I first put them on I was like wow. I did not know they would be that impressive, but wow. I am also starting to do vision therapy. I just happened to luck out with a great eye doctor that knew to look for this problem. I can not wait to see the progress, because my doctor said this should help my distance vision.

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