Christmas vision

Christmas is such a visual time. There are wonderful lights, pictures, cards, and decorations. Even those with reading difficulties can often enjoy these. I had a hard time choosing a Christmas featured photo, so I picked several.

hand painted nativity sceneI started my search at stock.xchng where I’ve usually gone for photos. There are many Christmas photos there, but I was disappointed to find only a handful when I searched for “nativity.” However I did find the lovely photo at left in a collection of photos by Susan H. Susan describes her collection as “Nativity scene statues hand painted many years ago by my mother.” Thank you for sharing so freely Susan. I also found the photo “Risen Christ,” below, at stock.xchng.

Risen ChristI especially like “Risen Christ” by Michael Demyan, because it puts together the entire story. The trees and decorations bring to mind Christmas and the Nativity. Both the manger and the cross were made from trees. Images of Christ on the cross have their place, but I usually prefer an empty cross, because Christ is risen. This photo brings us from Nativity to Easter in a unique way.

Traditional Christmas Crib by Ian Britton ©FreeFoto.comThis is “Traditional Christmas Crib” by Ian Britton © I love trees and holly and Christmas wreaths and gifts tied with bows. But when I first searched for Christmas photos this year, I wondered, “Where are the photos that portray the One whose birthday we are celebrating at Christmas?” Thank you, for including so many photos relating to that first Christmas day 2000 years ago!

Adoration of the ShepherdsIn the end, I found a wonderful repository of Christmas photos. My friend Ralph Wilson is sharing the Christmas Artwork he has collected, including “Adoration of the Shepherds” by Gerard (Gerrit) van Honthorst (1590?1656) at the left. To help us have a better vision of what Christmas is all about, he has also shared many of the short stories and articles he has written about Christmas through the years. Enjoy!

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