New treatment for adults with amblyopia

Here’s an interesting news item. Is anyone reading this that has used it? An article entitled Treatment seems to Help Adults With Lazy Eye published at Forbes says a “new treatment developed by the University of Southern California (USC) and three Chinese universities” may help adults with amblyopia.

The article goes on to say, “The new treatment involves training the patients to detect a small gabor, a set of contrasting ovals.” An average of 70% improvement in vision of adults with amblyopia was reported, with no improvement in those without amblyopia.

Especially interesting is that info says it may be developed as a home training program. Of course there is the issue of how much it will cost and if insurance will cover it. I’m sure the bottom line for each will be, will it work for me?

252 thoughts on “New treatment for adults with amblyopia”

  1. i’m 33 yrs old male and have lazy eye in right eye 6/60 & left eye is 6/6 will it cure or not plz sujjest

  2. im 21 yrs righ eye 6/18 & left is 6/6 how to cure it

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