Strabismus, rosacea, and rest

Silhouette of face in sunWhen I’m not wearing makeup, folks often ask, “Have you been out in the sun?” My fair complexion is more ruddy than fair, and recently doctors have labeled it rosacea. My face hasn’t bothered me much, but my eyes are affected also (ocular rosacea). This causes extremely dry eyes, often accompanied by a scratchy feeling as if something is in my eyes.

This interferes with vision and makes it difficult to control the strabismus. Controlling strabismus involves more than just treating the strabismus. It also means finding the best solutions for other problems with the eyes.

The two things that seem to be major culprits for me are low humidity levels and not getting enough sleep. So I use plenty of artificial tears and I’ve been using a vaporizer as well while the humidity is low. I’m making sure I get adequate rest and sleep.

Getting plenty of rest and sleep is important for anyone with strabismus or other eye problems. Tired eyes make vison problems much worse. Controlling humidity levels, lighting, and allergens (see my website for help with that) also go a long way toward better vision.

I wrote more about rosacea and looking at the over-all health picture on my Allergy Climates blog in an item titled Before you move…

Photo credit: California Dream by enver u?arer “This photo is remembering California. but was taken in Turkey.”

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