Inside a red poppy

inside a red poppyI’m fascinated with photos that remind me of an eye. When I first saw this one, I was intrigued with the round center and its rays that resemble the iris of the eye. There is even a tiny “pupil” inside. But what is it really?

Our world is so wonderfully created down to the smallest detail. A red poppy is beautiful to gaze upon, Red poppybut most of us have never taken time to see the hidden beauty of the poppy. It is inside the red poppy that Lyris Godoy found this hidden treasure.

There is hidden treasure all around, if we will but look for it. Failing eyesight cannot limit our inner vision. It is a treasure to experience common courtesy from a stranger, a comforting hand on the shoulder from a friend, or a good deed that expects nothing in return.

To get receive such a gift is a treasure. But to give such a gift, that is hidden treasure.

Photo credit: Lyris Godoy

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