What makes strabismus worse?

Recently I shared a letter from Donna regarding helping her mom with strabismus. Donna writes:

My mom has devoted her life to raising her children and grandchildren and volunteering. Her first response to any news of crisis is, “What can I do to help?” When I told her a support group existed she said she felt better just knowing she was not the only one.

Do you have good days and bad days? Have you ever been able to figure out what affects your vision? I am wondering how my mother will know when to give up driving. I think keeping her car is worth it even if she is not always able to use it.

My reply was:

Yes, I do have good and bad days. One of the things that affects my vision more than any, I think is when I don’t get enough rest or try to push myself too hard. Recent dry humidity has been very bad for my eyes also, but that is because I also have rosacea that affects my eyes I think. I also do better when I am doing my vision therapy exercises faithfully.

Please share your comments in response to Donna’s questions. Do you have some days that are better than others? What makes your strabismus worse? What makes it better? Have you had to limit or give up driving? How did you know when it was time to give it up? How did you deal with this?

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