The scars of strabismus

[From Sally by way of Lois (Admin)]

kid with ballFor me, and many of you I am sure, the side effects and scars of strabismus will always be there. The teasing I endured as a kid for wearing glasses, not being able to do tasks requiring hand-eye coordination, etc… As a child, I didn’t know that strabismus was part of the reason I couldn’t do certain things. I blamed myself for being what I considered inferior. I didn’t understand why I was picked last or couldn’t make the dance team. I didn’t make the connection. At least now I know it wasn’t my fault. Back then, I felt left out and it hurt.

I thank God that none of my 3 children inherited this condition. When I watch my kids play tennis and win, or my daughter dance gracefully at her dance revue, it gives me great joy.

I beleive we have to play the hand that God has delt to us and accept things we wish we could change. Perhaps living with this condition has made all of us kinder people and more empathetic twords others who face difficult challenges in life.


Photo Credit: Ramasamy Chidambaram

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  1. I was born with strabismus and had two eye operations. Now I have eye therapy every week and it is helping a lot.

    Have you tried vision therapy?

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