Fossils and eyes?

I find it interesting how many items have the similar shape and abstract markings of the human eye. The fossil used for our current featured photo is a good example. The round shape, of course, reminds one of the round iris and pupil of the eye and the rays or spokes mimic the rays in the human iris. Ok, so it’s not a perfect representation, but I still like it.

This photo of a fossil also reminds me of how nature casts off that which is no longer useful. Yet some of the lovliest cast-offs are treasures to someone else. I remember my first trip to the ocean. I scoured the beach for hours picking up shells and fossils that had been washed ashore. They were indeed treasures to me.Fossil photo by Ross Brown

People with a permanently turned eye often feel cast-off. Yet, just like the fossil that has been etched with beauty by the ravages of time, those who have been shunned through the years are ofte the most beautiful of all.

Do you see hidden beauty in this photo? Hint: Look closely at the golden hues amidst the silvery grey. Gorgeous!

Photo credit: Ross Brown

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