Making patching fun for children

[How do you get a 3-year-old to keep an eye patch on? The excellent idea below comes from Tara. Tara managed to find ways to make patching fun so her daughter WANTS to wear the patch!]

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(image by cctay100) My daughter didn’t like the patch at first, but now she doesn’t want to take it off. I bought plenty of Dora, Strawberry Shortcake, and Jo-Jo stickers to put on the eye patches. I also let her color them on occassion. I’m happy to do this for her as she finds it fun to do the “craft” before putting her patch on, then she wants to show everyone her “artwork”.

I just leave the box of patches on top of my dresser and when she is ready during the day, she’ll take one out of the box and hand it to me (if i’m home from work) or to my parents. Then, we’ll get the stickers down for her and/or the markers to decorate her “craft” and proudly display it.

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(Image by kxboo11x7) You can generally bribe my daughter with anything Dora! So, if she wears her patch for at least 30 min. a day for 7 days, she gets to go to Walmart and pick out something with Dora on it.

[Tara advises others “Let your child glue the sticker onto the eye patch. Buy a glue stick…makes for a great art project!”]

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