“They say I can’t, I say I can!”

My title is a paraphrase of Madelyn Stafford’s statement as published in the Salt Lake Tribune. It’s the story of an 11-year-old fifth grader who is legally blind.

According to the article, Madelyn Stafford will eventually lose her eyesight completely. Speaking of her social, academic and athletic abilities, Madelyn’s teacher says “She doesn’t let her disability bring her down.”

Madelyn attends school in a traditional classroom, with just a few hours a day in special education class. “There are people in my grade who say I can’t do things, but I say that I can,” Madelyn says. You can read all of her inspiring story here:

‘Eyesight doesn’t limit her vision’

[Update 9/1/06: Oops! The link no longer works, so I have removed it. Salt Lake Tribune has not responded to my request to repubish the story here. Perhaps you will still be inspired by just this tidbit of a little girl who decided to reach for the stars!]

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