Virtual vision therapy

child concentrating on computer screenWouldn’t it be great if doing Vision Therapy was as fun as playing our favorite computer games? Perhaps that day is soon here!

Virtual reality games to treat amblyopia are already being researched at Nottingham University and the results are looking good.

Read the full story here:
BBC NEWS | Technology | Video games tackle ‘lazy eye’. The item also links to a brief Digital Planet audio discusson of this concept.

Photo Credit: Nevit Dilmen

2 thoughts on “Virtual vision therapy”

  1. It sounds to me like is still being developed and in experimental stages. I suppose you could write to Nottingham University (in England) to find more about the study and if they are looking for more participants; when the technology is expected to be ready for release; and whether it will be released to the general public, or only to optometrists or ophthalmologists, etc.

    If you find out more, plesas leave a comment here.

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