Flip-flop eyes

---Ever feel like a flip-flop? This photo reminds me of my eyes:

  • Both flip-flops are identical.
  • They turn in different directions.
  • They have nice colors, and a nice over-all design.
  • Though they have obviously been used (click the photo for a larger view), they are still very useful.
  • They are designed to function well. (The thick sole will protect the foot from hard stones beneath it.)
  • They are a bit gritty, as you can see in the larger photo. (The gritty feeling in my eyes is not due to strabismus, but to my rosacea).
  • They are artfully arranged by the photographer who is a graphic designer.

Flip-flops. To be worn beneath our feet, stepped on! That’s where the similarity stops. Many with strabismus may have been made to feel inferior, but we are in no way flops. Our eyes are artfully arranged by the Master Designer who created us.

Perhaps we look into the mirror and think he could have done better. But he likes us just the way we are. Our eyes may be used and worn, and they may not function as well as we would like. But when I remember my blind friends who cannot see at all, I’m reminded of how very useful my eyes still are.

So put your best foot forward, and hold your head high. Even with strabismus, you are beautiful and useful. The Master Designer has special plans for you. If you’d like to know more about Him, here’s a website to help:
Knowing God

Photo credit: Nea Smyrni

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