Live is going to throw you curveballs

close-up of baseball“Life is going to throw you curveballs. You can either curl up on the nice leather couch and just tell the rest of the world to go away, or….”

Karen Parsegian, who has been blind for four years, finished that sentence by throwing the first pitch for the San Francisco Giants home game in March. See:
Blind Woman Throws Out First Pitch At Giants Game

How will you finish that sentence in your life? No matter how many times we finish the sentence, there will always be more sentences, more opportunities.

Curveballs are just that. They are opportunities to excel. If all the pitches were straight, life could get boring. But we have strabismus, sometimes we don’t see straight. What a curveball! Did we hit it? Perhaps not yet. But we’ll do better next time. Life has lots of practice. When the next curve comes, we’ll be better prepared.

Did Karen Parsegian pitch a home run? Perhaps not. But she gave it her best shot, and had fun in the process, too. Now that’s a real homerun!

Photo credit: Randy Reed

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