DVD helps kids want to wear eye patch

Eye patch kids puppetAfter struggling with her two year old son for over an hour, Kelly finally gave up getting him to wear his new eye patch. Then she came up with an innovative idea. She produced a video of puppets wearing eye patches to encourage her son to wear his. Her son now enjoys wearing his patch like the puppets.

The video has since been made into a DVD called “The Eye Patch Kids.” Kelly writes:

It is so hard to see what kids go through with vision problems. I am on a personal crusade to make patching socially acceptable through education. I have been telling the parents who get the DVD to take it to their child’s school so the kids understand why they have to patch. That way they aren’t looked at as different and can patch and grow up with binocular vision.

“The Eye Patch Kids” DVD is available online at Bjort & Company, Inc. Photo above is (c.) Bjort & Company, Inc., used by permission.

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