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Horizontal double visionDouble vision from strabismus is commonly horizontal. Before my surgery, I had horizontal double vision when I relaxed my eyes, but most of the time I managed to keep the images together. I also had a small amount of vertical misalignment.

Will Baldwin, from one of the strabismus support groups I’m in, wrote: “Some months ago, I started a little research about this topic, as it relates to tropes.” Will sent me the image on this page, and shared the following:

I wrote my own image editor, but here’s the best I could do. My editor is very primitive, I’m sure Photoshop or those other commercial ones can do better. I don’t have any of those, though.

That’s a picture of me, by the way. If you know how to clean up the artifacts in the image, feel free to use it. [Later, Will sent an updated image with the artifacts edited out.]

We tropes can do quite a lot in spite of our distorted vision, can’t we? Will made his own image editor. So what if it’s primative. It can edit images.

Will also provided the following links to double vision simulators he found on the net. Will says, “I’m an exotrope, though, and I think the images I found more simulate the angles that an esotrope’s eyes would have than an exotrope would.” Here are the links will sent:

Richmond Eye Associates. (Several vision simulators for other eye conditions are also provided on this page.)

Eye Diseases in Virtual Reality. (Click the image on the right, described under “Diplopia.”)

Thanks, Will, for your contributions! Since my surgery, I’ve had some torsion in my left eye. I plan to post a simulator of what I see next time.

Image credit: Will Baldwin

3 thoughts on “Double vision simulator”

  1. I have double, I had a surgery to correct this and the result is MUCH MUCH worst, now my eyes are crossed 24/7 and my right eyes sees to the left. So not only am I seeing two different images at once, but I also see the same image repeat itself when I look to the right, I’ve been to several eye doctors but they say nothing can be done, I resorted to creating eyepatch glasses ( electrical tape on the right lense blocks out 100% of the image ), so this will have to do until the medical community can help people like myself. Any advise or help is more tan welcomed. David at Thank you.

  2. hi my daughter has double vision and it can’t be corrected by surgery (the space on her retina is too small) she is about to try contact lenses with either
    a high powered lense to blur the vision in her affected eye or
    a lense that basically acts like a patch and blocks the image completely (they paint the lense to match your eye) she is quite excited about the second option.
    this may be worth you checking out

  3. Debbie, this happened to me and I want to fore-warn you for your daughter, I myself was using patched glasses covering the affected eye, that actually made my good eye blurry, so every time I blink dominant eye has different blurriness leaving me to rely on the weaker eye, this actually made this disease worst…. My nuero-ophthalmologist told me there is no silver lining for people like me, at my age ( 48 ) fusion is basically impossible.

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