The other social issue of strabismus

working hard while the whole world moves around him.Since my strabismus is intermittent and alternating, it may not be as noticeable as a permanently turned eye. But my strabismus affects my vision. Because of this, I concentrate a lot on the tasks before me. I must work harder to accomplish the same tasks as others.

Socially I am sure I often appear to be detached at times. Sometimes I struggle to keep up with my share of the work, and that has social implications also. I could spend a lot of time worrying about all this. Or I can take pride in doing the best I am capable of.

Sometimes others expect more of me than I am capable of. I didn’t understand this as I was growing up, but I can understand why now. My exotropia is not always noticeable unless I am very tired. It’s not always obvious that I am struggling to keep my eyes focused.

Most people who know me well have tried to be understanding. For those who are not tolerant, I figure they need my friendship and understanding more than I need theirs. Perhaps they are struggling with issues I know nothing of. I have determined to be helpful and friendly to everyone.

I’ve come a long way with a tough problem (strabismus), and considering everything I have done quite well. I have a lot to be proud of. Rather than let the words or actions of another get me down, I’m going to do my best to use my words and actions to lift others up.

Many people with strabismus have had social difficulties at times. It’s hard. But it also provides us an opportunity to become better people and to be more sympathetic to others who are struggling.

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  1. stand up and clap thats wat i can say about u at the moment we need to take this strabismus as a blessing rather than as a problem this world is a very hard place to live and survive and living with strabismus is not a big deal than surviving !!!

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