High school worker with strabismus

High School class[From Luanne by way of Lois(Admin):]
I have strabismus in BOTH eyes. It’s more bothersome and noticeable the older I get. I am farsighted in one eye and near sighted in the other eye. Which ever eye I’m looking out of, which goes straight, the other eye goes off to the side. I work in a high school, and even now kids can and will be mean. I’ve even noticed the adults look at me funny. I want to know if this can be corrected and what the cost is. Can ANYONE help me out?

Thanks, Luanne

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  1. Luanne,

    I’d suggest you see a Strabismus Surgeon (Ophthalmologist) as well as an Optometrist who does Vision Therapy. Get an opinion from both. Cost will vary greatly depending, among other things on how many muscles would need surgery, the type of anesthesia, or how long you needed vision therapy, and how often and how long each vision therapy session was.

    You can find doctors in both specialties by clicking the related links in the sidebar. Perhaps others will have some ideas to share with you also.


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