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Eyes Apart now has it’s own email support group for adults, teens, and parents of children with Strabismus (squint, crossed eyes, lazy eye), to discuss knowledge, experiences, problems, and ideas related to Strabismus.

We are having some great conversations there, and we’d love for you to join us! Just click the purple box below.

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11 thoughts on “Eyes Apart Strabismus Support email group”

  1. I’m a 25 year old female with a right lazy eye. i just recently made an appointment to see a specialist to correct my lazy eye. I was wondering if anybody could respond that has had surgery. Just to see what results did you get. I really hope this works. Growing up with a lazy eye was not fun. But I’m sure you all know what I am talking about.

  2. Cheryl,

    If you will click the purple button or the links above you can learn about our email support groups and how to join. You will meet many people with strabismus in our Eyes Apart Strabismus Support Group. Many of them have had strabismus surgery, and that is a frequent topic of conversation. Feel free to introduce yourself there as you did here and ask for input, they will be glad to share and help.

    To join, you will probably have to fill out some registration info at Yahoo if you’ve never done that. It’s been a long time since I registered at Yahoo, but I am sure they have a system that will guide you through the process. If you need more assistance with this, post again here. I’ll try to help.


  3. Hello,im in the los angeles area do anybody knows a good doctor that i can go too to correct my eyes.

  4. Cheryl:

    I had the adjustable suture surgery about 1.5 months ago now. While the surgery was not a complete success, I am happy with the results. This is the second surgery for me (first when I was 10, second at the age of 34). As for pain/discomfort as a result of the surgery, honestly, I did not mind the surgery at all. Sure, I felt like I had a piece of sand stuck in my eye for a few days as the sutures disolved, but the overall discomfort was minimal.

    As I mentioned above, the surgery was not a 100% success as I still do not have binocular vision and I do experience some minor double vision from time-to-time. However, my confidence is way up as I can now enjoy looking people straight in the eyes and they do the same with me!

    Hope this helps!

  5. Hi,
    I am scheduled for surgery next week and I am really nervous. Can anyone give me some feedback on their experiences? I would really appreciate it. I hope I’m not worse afterwards!

  6. There is lots of discussion about this in the email group. You may want to join. Click the Join Yahoo Groups link (purple box) at the post on top of this list of comments, or click one of the links there to learn more about the group.

  7. Hi,
    I’m a fourteen year old teen and I’m always made fun of because I have a strabisum
    in my left eye. Is there anyway that I could wear contacts to fix my eyes. I wear glasses and
    I hate them.

  8. Hi Ashley,
    I’m 20. My left eye is crossed and I hate glasses too so I got contacts. The opt. gave me for my right eye only. It was fun for a while being able to see clearly without glasses but I noticed that this only made my left eye lazier therefore looking more crosssed. So I just have contacts home that I may never use. Contacts can’t fix your eyes. From reading these comments I assume that there is a surgery that can be done for your eyes to appear straight but you still have to wear eye gear then. I know it’s hard but try to ignore people who make fun of you!

  9. Jbushman:
    I’m 20. I was just wondering how much did the surgery cost. I know what you mean. I’m an outgoing person but because of my eyes I appear to be shy because I don’t look people in there faces. I would so like to experience what you’re talking about.
    P.S.- Please when quoting the price specify what currency. I’m from the caribbean, I’ll have to convert it. Thank You!!!!

  10. You’ll find lots of discussion similar to that you see on this thread in the Strabismus support group. It is a very active group where you can connect with others who have Strabismus and ask questions about surgery, therapy, share encouragement, discuss problems and solutions related to Strabismus, etc.

    I am going to close comments on this one post only, and encourage everyone interested in the Support group to join and ask your questions there instead. This post is not the actual Support group. The Support group is an email group. Click the purple button on the post at the top of this thread to join. You will get an email telling you to reply to it to confirm that you wish to join the group. The email will also have instructions of how to write to the group, and you will begin receiving the group email.

    If you’d like to check the group out further before joining, you can click the link for the home page of the Eyes Apart Strabismus Support group, also at the top post of this thread.

    Feel free to comment on any of the other posts, but if you are interested in the support group, you will need to join that group.

    Admin, Eyes Apart

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