Springy strabismus eyes with xray of pegs and ties

eyes attached to coiled springsMy torsion strabismus surgery is 5 days away. I thought I’d try to capture here some of the things I see now, because I am hoping I will have better images soon! Rather than attempt to make another simulator of what my eyes see, I wanted to demonstrate what is really going on behind the scenes!

Hidden in my memory is an animation of buggy eyes that popped out on springs. Perhaps it was a cartoon character, or a jack-in-the-box or other toy. Maybe it’s those goofy eyeglasses with springy eyes that I’m thinking about. Perhaps I just dreamed it since my eyes have felt so kin to that image at times.

But sometimes I’m almost sure my eyes are dangling at the end of springs, unstable and dis-associated. They are trying to find each other, yet struggling to be independent also. I can almost hear the “doeng! doeng!” as the springs vibrate, and the “clackety-clack! as my eyes bump into and bounce off each other. This is their never-ending clash to find a unified vision!

But no…there are no springs! This senseless visual show I am privy to must have made me wacky for awhile. I remember now! My eyes are held in place with tangled bands and pegs at the back of my eyes, as revealed by the X-ray below!

Here is what my surgeon is going to do: He is going to untie, untangle, and repair the elastic eye strings that hold things in place. Then he will realign the eye pegs, and replace the strings around the pegs so they are snug but not too tight. fake x-ray photo of eyeballs with pegs in back, held in place with elastic bands stretched between the pegsMy eyes will be firmly held in place with this repaired peg-and-tie mechanism at the back of my eyes, but not so tightly that they can’t move into the desired positions. They will be fully coordinated to work together due to the new peg alignment, repair of broken eye strings, and correct tension on the bands!

Yes, of course I know there are no such things as eye pegs and elastic eye strings! You were thinking I needed brain surgery instead of strabismus surgery, weren’t you? But sometimes the only way to tolerate life is to poke a little fun at it. I just wanted to share with you a little goofy glimpse into what things look like from behind my eyes!

(If you want to see what the surgeon is really going to do, see my 10/18/06 post, or view the Lois’ Story category for more detailed information.)

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One thought on “Springy strabismus eyes with xray of pegs and ties”

  1. Hee hee… I had three eye surgeries when I was very young to correct my “lazy eye” and then had to wear a patch for over a year. When you’re in kindergarten and first grade, it’s pretty devastating to be different. (Okay, it can be at any age.) When kids would make fun of me or say anything about my patch, I’d tell them a story about how the doctors took out both of my eyes and switched them so I’d look right again, but somehow the left one kept wanting to go back to where it used to live. 🙂 I’m soo happy I found this blog! 🙂

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