Double vision: See a little something extra in 2007

Double exposure photograph of poster

We strabismus sufferers see lots of double images, and often find them annoying. But as I scrolled through the double exposures turned into artwork by one photographer, I found the photos to be beautiful.

Is is possible there is hidden beauty in the double vision of strabismus as well? I wondered. So I tried my own experiment. A miniature green Christmas tree with shimmering lights sits on a table across the room from me. Gifts have been opened, and underneath the tree is now a white, flat-shaped humidifier to replinish the winter dry air.

As I gazed upon the tree, I allowed my eyes to drift into double vision. The tree spread into two trees, the humidifier became snow-covered earth, and the black top of the humidifier became sleds parked beneath the trees by children at play. Floral designs on the white wallpaper became distant trees in the blur of a winter forrest. Lights reflected in the packed snow. I had my own private winter wonderland!

Many of us with strabismus have seen a little something extra in other ways as well. We’ve learned to improvise, and to swim against the current when we must. Because our eyes often make us unattractive, we know what it is like to be unfavored, and we have a special place in our hearts for others with special needs. We’ve learned to make it on our own when necessary, and to reach out to lend a hand to others so they don’t have to go it alone.

These are the gifts that come with strabismus. Strabismus is hard, so let’s not miss the hidden beauty. As we close our eyes and think of the things our strabismus is teaching us, we will begin to see a little something extra in 2007.

This photo was displayed as our featured photo for several months in 2007.

Photo credit: float; The image used on this page is one of a series of double exposure experiments by a this photographer.

5 thoughts on “Double vision: See a little something extra in 2007”

  1. that was lovely. I’ve been quite upset recently because although I’ve had double vision for about 3 years now, it been getting rapidly worse for the last three months. Thhat wonderful little anecdote was exactly what I needed to here. your right. we’re speacial and different and although its sometimes hard and others cant possibly understand what its like sometimes… we see the world very differently from other people and whats so bad about that? its nice that we can have this little world that is just ours. for the past month I’ve been wearing a prism (30 prism diopters eeeek) and although it gets rid of the double, I have tunnel vision instead and white light is m,ulti-coloured… but hey… no one else I know can say they see the world like this and it makes it into a little fantasy world where everything is brightly coloured and very distorted.

    anyway… just thought Id thank you for that and hope evrything goes ok with your condition

  2. For more that thirty years I have been trying to get a
    painful occular situation addressed and helped. Instead of
    double vision, I get this hazy indestinct picture and the
    only way I can clear it is to squint. I have monocular
    diplopia of a different pattern in each eye. I eleminate the
    diplopia by squinting and am able to read – tracking is a
    major nightmare- comfortably. I’ve been checked out and
    told that I suffere from big time higher order aberrations,
    coma and trefoil, and that my squinting eliminates these and I
    can see well. The amazing thing about this is what I have
    been harping on with hundreds of doctors over the years is that
    something is optically wrong with my eyes. I was finally
    vindicated when I was tested with the wavefront aberrometer.
    This causes me to posit that strabismus can in fact be
    caused by significant uncorrected optical anomalies- third
    order not the second order of those having to do with sphere
    and cylinder. My cornea is supposedly fine, as is my retina,
    fovea, etc. Soooo in desperation I ask is there any strabismus
    expert who would be able to figure this out and help me with
    the problem? Thank you. Mike J.

  3. Hei!

    I am a norwegian woman that have a lot of trubbel in my life with “hidden strabismus”.
    I search other adults in Norway to talk with and discuss our situation with.
    In this country this desease is very unknown so far, and I feel very lonely at the moment.

    I am 56 years old, an artist and a teather in art ( the last year I cant do the job anymore because of my eyes) and I dont know yet if tha NAV is going to accept that I can`t work in scool.

    If there are somebody out there, please answer me…

  4. Solvi,

    You may be interested in joining and asking your questions in our online Strabismus Support group here:

    We have people from Europe and almost all parts of the world. Perhaps even from Norway, you could ask after you join if anyone is from there. These people experience the same issues you experience and they will understand and offer you their suggestions and support.


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