Life is more level after strabismus torsion surgery!

Picture of a bubble level, that is levelLife is more level now!

I had my second strabismus surgery on January 4, one week ago today. The surgery was done on the left eye only, to correct a torsion related to the first surgery in May of 2005. Preliminary testing the day after surgery indicated that the torsion went from something like 7-8 degrees to 1-2 degrees, according to my surgeon.

Now that a week has passed, I can tell that the torsion is much less than before the surgery. My left eye is more blurry for now because it’s not fully healed from surgery yet, and the axis of my eye has probably changed, affecting my glasses prescription. But even so, things look more normal because they fit better without the twisted vision in one eye! I am doing vision therapy exercises at home and working hard to get as much as I can out of this.

I am anxious to see how it will be in a few weeks, and especially after I get fitted with new glasses at the end of March. That is when my followup appointment is, and my surgeon said he would do an exam for new glasses at that time.

I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

Photo Credit: Photo is called “Level Out” by ah hay You can also visit ah hay’s home page at AH Digital FX Studios.

2 thoughts on “Life is more level after strabismus torsion surgery!”

  1. Hi,
    Can anyone guide me?
    I am M/42 have exotropia – right eye is pulled outward.I see double. I
    live in Los Angeles.Are there any experienced surgeons around.I have no insurance but maybe I can afford if its worth it.Thanks much.

  2. ..I appreciated your post,as I have strabismus surgery june 16,in victoria british columbia(canada)!!Its different in my situation,as I developed strabismus after violent vomiting,due to food poisoning!..The professionals(3 in total,and my gp)believe I had a weak ocular muscle(left eye)from birth,and timing along with the vomiting ,did it in!!I have done the prism lense thing(7 strength changes in 2 months,before it stabilized..Im excited for the next step in healing,this has been a weird trip..Sight is my friend!!haha

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