Blogging the roller coaster of eye muscle surgery, insurance, and waiting

eyeglasses resting on desktop calendarI recently received this note from a woman who is blogging her way through eye muscle surgery:

I found your website because I am an adult living with a crossed-eye. I recently started a blog to share and document the journey through corrective eye surgery.

A few days ago, she blogged her very interesting account some of the insurance woes she is experiencing. Many of us can relate to the long and often frustrating wait for all the insurance stuff to get hashed out! I wanted to share some of what she writes with you:

My appointment, yeah the one in June, was cancelled, because of a back and forth misunderstanding between my GP’s office and the surgeon’s office. Boston Children’s Hospital needs a referral….

She continued to write about her struggles with getting the referral, then wrote some of her conversation with her surgeon’s office:

“Can’t I just make the appointment and pay for it if insurance won’t cover it?”, I asked.

“No, that would be illegal for us to bill you without the referral.”

Ok. I called my GP’s office and….

She shares more of this saga on her blog. You can follow her story at:
Me and My Lazy I

Photo Credit: Maxime Perron Caissy

2 thoughts on “Blogging the roller coaster of eye muscle surgery, insurance, and waiting”

  1. Thanks for sharing this with the folks who visit your site. I’m not sure what I’m going to write about for the next three months of waiting, but perhaps that will give me time to do more thorough research.

    I urge people to comment, share their stories, etc. The more we get this out there, the better the medical care and insurance offerings will get.

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