Famous people with strabismus: Hall of Fame

Rembrandt's painting 'Music Party'Hall of Fame is a new category at Eyes Apart. I’ve already featured several famous people with strabismus on the site. I’m adding them to this category, and I plan to add more from time to time.

The photo on this page is a Rembrandt painting. I have featured him in the past using a self portrait that showed his strabismus. But I wanted to include a piece of his art in the Hall of Fame, so I thought it fitting to use it for the introduction to the new category. I’ve got several famous people in the lineup for the hall of fame already, but if you’d like to suggest a name or write a piece for the Strabismus Hall of Fame, you can email me here.

Many of you deserve special recognition also, and I’m glad to publish stories of non-famous people with strabismus. If you have an inspirational story to share about strabismus, you can email me also. But the Hall of Fame is reserved for famous people with strabismus. Those who have made it to fame in spite of their strabismus inspire us all to push for the top in whatever area we’re in. We may never be famous, and we may not even want to be, but we can be achievers and do our best, and that is what counts.

Photo Credit: Web Museum, Paris.

4 thoughts on “Famous people with strabismus: Hall of Fame”

  1. Rather old but interesting post!

    Its not the famous people who’ve got well after Strabismus that counts, but those who’ve lived and succeeded with it.

    I’ve read somewhere that Barbara Streissland had strabismus and really hated it. Not much of an inspiration to me if she hated it!

    What I would really love to see, as in Abraham Lincoln and JFK is people who’ve accepted and won life through strabismus.

  2. You’re forgetting a few!

    Colin Hay – from Men at Work
    Joe Diorio – Famous Jazz Guitarist
    Denzel Washington
    Ryan Gosling

  3. Thanks, Joseph! I’ll add those to my list and thank them out. There are quite a few I’ve not showcased yet. I recently moved Eyes Apart and a couple other sites to anew server and have been tweaking them. As soon as I get back to posting here, I will see what I can do!

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