Photos of rectus eye muscle strabismus surgery in progress

photo of scalpelI’ve been asked several times if I know of any photos on the net of strabismus surgery in progress. I came across these photos a few weeks ago. I’ve been hesitant to publish them, because while it may help relieve fears for some to see what is actually being done, others facing the surgery may be traumatized by the photos.

These full size images may disturb you. You can see an illustration rather than an actual photo of strabismus surgery at EyeMDLink. You’ll need to scroll a little past half way down the page to see the graphics.

View the small photos first. If you want to see the larger photos, you can see them by clicking corresponding small photo.

Isolating the inferior rectus muscleThe left photo is entitled Isolating the inferior rectus muscle. There is no further explanation offered for it.

Disinserting the medial rectus muscleThe right photo is entitled Disinserting the medial rectus muscle and here is the explanation that is with the photo:

medial rectus muscle being disinserted following pre-placement of vicryl sutures. A Castroviejo locking forceps is grasping the superior pole of the muscle, while a Manson-Aebli scissors does the cutting. The eyelids are being held by a Cook speculum.

Photo credits:
Scapel by Chris Gander; Isolating the inferior rectus muscle, provided by Rakesh Ahuja, MD, under Creative Commons License through Wikipedia.; Disinserting the medial rectus muscle: Wikipedia

10 thoughts on “Photos of rectus eye muscle strabismus surgery in progress”

  1. i think these pics are great –
    I wish i could have someone take some pics of 1 of my 3 strabismus surgeries – however – i don’t think the doc was really into that –

    but my last one – i had a friend of mine which is a OD – be able to watch while i was under – she said it was so cool

    I will tell you 2 things –
    the first 2 operations i had was nothing like the last ( and final one )

    The first 2 – the doc actually made a incision vertically directly on the sclera – in which – let you tell you – did not feel very comfortable at all – until the stitches worn down a bit it really bothered me –
    this was in 1988 and 1994

    the last operation i had was in 2000 right before i got married – in the 6 years – they did not hold – and i was refracted to have 35-40 dpter of prism – to correct the issue –

    However the operation was nothing like the 1st 2 in which the md went from the underside – and boy – you will get a chuckle out of this one –
    I called the MD at midnight yelling that my operated eye ( that am ) is fine – HOWEVER my other eye is KILLING ME SO MUCH !!

    I thought you did the wrong one at 1st until he said that the dryness is what i am feeling due to the length of the operation – and the scare tissue involved from prev. operations –

    I laugh at it today –
    Post op – i was down to 6 D of prism – with double vision for the 1st time in my life –
    That did scare me – but once my mind got the hang of the new imagine location – all is great

  2. HELLO my name is tosha brice and i am getting ready to have the surgery on both of my eyes and i am so scared now to have it done

  3. Tosha, it is usually not a difficult surgery at all compared to most surgeries. If you’ve not watched the video, don’t if you are scared. I put that there because some people were asking if there were videos of the procedure available, and I found this. I suggest you join our Eyes Apart Strabismus Support group at Yahoo. It’s also linked at the top right of every page of this Eyes Apart blog. You will have lots of encouragement and feedback there!
    Best wishes! Lois

  4. I am 36 and getting ready to get this surgery done and I am really scared. This will be the first time I will have surgery and I am not sure what to expect.

  5. Jessica:
    This is George. I have been on Lois’ site since 2005 and I too had severe apprehension about surgery. I actually procrastinated for twenty years. So what you describe is very common for all of us who have gone through this. I finally had my strabismus surgery done in 2008 at age 63. I had a right eye outward deviation (exotropia) of 50 diopters, which is extreme. After over five years, my eyes still look perfectly straight. It changed my life. I strongly recommend you go to the site Lois suggested on Aug 27 on this post just before yours. That site is much more active and there are many with our common concerns. Also you will want to see the questions I posted to ask your surgeon to make you comfortable and qualify with him/her. This site was very active until a year ago then really slowed down as everyone switched to the Eyes Apart support group at Yahoo. I think you can click on Lois’s link. Ask all the questions you have, there are not too many questions when it comes to your eyes and your personal concerns. I will watch for your post there. I am sure you will make several eye “buddies” there to give you the answers you need.

  6. It’s been three weeks and a day since my surgery. I still at times have a little bit of scratching at the back of the right eye which is the operated eye but overall I do not have any discomfort at all. The redness has gone but my upper eyelid is still little bit swollen. I keep checking my eye in the mirror to see if it is still aligned and at first Iwas a little disappointed because it seemed like my eye was stil turned out. I then took pictures of myself with my phone while looking straight ahead. It looks like my right eye is corrected but I am still worried that the eye is going to go back to the pre-operated position. Of cause I’ll be seeing my opthalmologist on the 23rd for the second time after the surgery. The first time was four days after surgery. We’ll see what he has to say now after all the swelling has gone.

  7. Petro, it is common for they operated eye to shift during the early weeks after surgery. Probably too early yet to see what the final result will be. I encourage you to join our Eyes Apart Email Strabismus Support Group where you can talk with others who have had the surgery. Just click the purple Yahoo Groups box at the top of this page and introduce yourself and your situation once you are in the group.

  8. After trying to deal with this for years and now having intermittent double vision that can’t be handled with prisms, it’s time to do the surgery. I’m so anxious about this I can hardly eat or sleep. The adjustable suture part is especially nerve-wracking.

    Bad idea, I suppose, to get on youtube, but I prefer to know what’s going on. Doc says she might just do one eye, but I’m inclined to encourage her to do whatever it takes to prevent me having to go through this again.

  9. Cris, I encourage you to join our Eyes Apart strabismus support group at Yahoo if you haven’t already. I am not very active there anymore, but there are folks there who will reach out and respond to your posts. There has been a lot of activity there lately. To join, ust click the purple Join Yahoo groups button at the top of the page, and introduce yourself to the group once your membership has been confirmed. I wish you the best!

  10. I’m 4 23rd and I’m diabetic and I’m I’m afraid that if I do this operation of correcting strabismus wounds might not heal and my eyes might be worse can anyone help me I’m too scared

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