Blogging again and better than ever!

fingers typing on a keyboardOur site has been down over a week after an upgrade of the blogging software. Part was due to incompatibilities with some of our older plugins and our theme template as well. So we’ve had a face lift! I hope you’ll find our site easier to use and more helpful than ever. I’m still tweaking things, and if you see something that needs fixed or a feature you’d like to recommend, feel free to share.

The down time showed me how important this blog is to help those needing support for living with strabismus find our Eyes Apart Email Support group at Yahoo. Normally several new members join the group each day. We had only 3 new members in the past 7 days that this site was down.

Have a look around the site, and join our Strabismus Support group to get in touch with others who have strabismus problems similar to yours!

Photo credit: Marja Flick-Buijs

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