Lazy eye amblyopia research study

red graph with markerAccording to the European research news resource, AlphaGalileo.Org, “Researchers at the University of Bradford are seeking volunteers for a study into the condition ‘amblyopia’ which is more commonly known as ‘lazy eye’.”

According to this report, the study will be done using a “new state-of-the-art Optical Coherence Tomographer…used to examine the structure of the eye in fine detail.”

Researchers hope that as a result of this study they will “be able to tell in advance who will benefit most from treatment and, as a result,… spare some children from the trauma of wearing an eye patch for long periods of time.”

They are looking for volunteers of all ages. Please see the complete article for contact information if you are interested in this study:

Lazy eye research seeks volunteers published by, October 11,2007.

Photo credit: sanja gjenero

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