Video games improve vision in adults with amblyopia

lan partyVideo games can improve vision in adults with amblyopia by 30% according to a Sept., 2010, news release from the University of California, Berkley.

Research subjects age 20-60 played video games for two hours at a time, for a total of 40 hours over one month. Experiments included one group that played action games without patching, and another group that patched one eye while playing non-action games.

According to this report, it can take three times as long (120 hours) for children with lazy eye using occlusion therapy (patching) to see improvement. Some showed improvement in less than 40 hours with video game therapy.

The internet has been abuzz for several years about the potential for video games to improve visual acuity. In September, 2007, we posted a story about Nintendo DS Flash Focus, designed specifically to improve hand-eye coordination and peripheral vision.

This study provides new hope for adults with amblyopia. Researchers caution that this research is in the early stages, and encourage patients to work closely with their eye doctors to determine the therapy that is right for them.

See Video games may help treat lazy eye for more from WebMD.

Photo courtesy Jeroen Thoolen

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