Stereogram: Find the unattached ring that is not a circle

Stereogram: Unattached Ring
Courtesy: Sylvain Roques
Can you find the unattached ring that is not a circle? Click the thumbnail to try this stereogram, then use the back button in your browser to return to this page (see Caution below).

View a 3-D stereogram image by allowing your eyes to cross or drift while maintaining focus directly between the two images, until you see four images that merge into an unfocused third image in the middle. While maintaining your focus on the middle image, continue to relax your eyes until you can see it clearly.

The Unattached Ring stereogram is a more difficult one. If you are new to stereograms, try this cat card first. You can enlarge it by clicking the image at the destination site. This is exactly like the cat card my COVD doctor gave me to begin with. It took several weeks of effort before I could put the cat together in the middle. If you are have difficulty with this, it is especially important follow the Caution below.

Caution: My COVD Developmental Optometrist prescribed similar vision exercises for me. However, vision therapy is not a one-size-fits-all. Several COVD Developmental Optometrists have told me that doing the wrong exercises for your specific needs, or doing them incorrectly, can be harmful. If you have strabismus, you should ask a physician trained in Developmental Optometry (which includes Vision Therapy) which types of eye exercises are safe or beneficial for you before attempting this exercise. Click the COVD link or the Find a vision therapy dr. link in the sidebar to locate a Developmental Optometrist in your area.

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