Welcome to Eyes Apart: Living with strabismus

candle as seen from inside burning on open window ledgeMy name is Lois, and I’ve lived with strabismus over six decades. Strabismus has never been a handicap but rather a challenge for me. I’ve always found alternative ways to do the difficult things, and I’ve enjoyed many silver linings.

Strabismus not only affects vision. Many suffer social embarassment, lost job opportunities, and a host of other problems. Yet, living with eyes apart teaches us to adapt, meet the challenges, and become stronger.

Based on reports from the National Eye Institute, 1 in every 25 to 50 people have an eye that turns to some degree at least part of the time. Perhaps for many of these people the turn is so slight that they and others are barely aware of it. But for others the turn is so severe that it is the major focus of their lives.

This site is dedicated to all of us with eyes apart. Our vision is to get the best we can from what we have to work with, and to do the best we can with what we get!

Photo credit: Dirk Herrmann