glasses focus light on newspaper adsWhen we started Eyes Apart in June of 2005, I had no idea how many people it would help. Almost daily, adults with Strabismus, or parents of children with Strabismus, express how grateful they are to find our website.

We appreciate our Advertisers. It is an expensive investment of time and money to provide this service for you, and your supporting our sponsors helps to reimburse us for this expenditure. Our goal is to select Advertisers who will meet the standards of excellence that we have set for Eyes Apart. Our Advertising Policy and Guidelines (below) have been established to assure our Readers as well as our Advertisers of our commitment to providing this quality service at

Advertising Policy and Guidelines for Private Advertisers

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  • Ads should be targeted to our audience. This includes ads relating to Strabismus, eye health, eyeglasses, etc. Ads of general interest are used on a limited basis.
  • Ads must be legitimate. We check advertisers for authenticity before placing ads on our site, and we reserve the right to remove any ads that do not provide what they advertise.
  • Ads must not infringe on rights of others. We reserve the right to remove any ad that becomes involved in a service mark, trademark, copyright, or similar dispute until the dispute is settled.
  • Ads must uphold moral and ethical values of fairness and human worth in their treatment of others, both in their ads on Eyes Apart, and in the websites those ads target. We reserve the right to remove any ad which does not comply.
  • We will not accept ads that go against our Judeo-Christian values. Neither will we accept ads that fail to respect the rights of others who hold different beliefs.
  • Advertisers who uphold the same high standards of honesty, decency, and integrity that we maintain at Eyes Apart will have no problems meeting these guidelines.
  • We reserve the right to refuse any advertiser or advertisement that does not meet our needs, regardless of whether or not the advertiser or ad is compliance with these guidelines.

Ads by Google and Amazon

Ads by Google appear on many of our pages. They are clearly marked as such. These ads served through Google may include items that change frequently. I can not necessarily recommend these items. It is possible that some may even contradict what we are recommending on our pages. We sometimes participate in other affiliate programs whose ads may be served served through ad rotations. These ads may include constantly changing items, so I can not necessarily recommend these items.

For more information, you may contact Lois Turley.

Photo Credit: antonis makrigiannis (I love the way he uses light in these phtotos!)